Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thule WingBar Edge (Fixing Point)

The New Thule Roof Rack for Cars with solid rails and mounting points

WingBar Edge Thule

The new Thule WingBar Edge for vehicles with mounting points and 'solid' roof rails is now available in Australia along with WingBar Edge for raised rails. It is an extremely well engineered product that combines great looks with the strength and quality that the Thule brand is renown for. We have fitted a few now on vehicles like the Audi Q5 and Q7 and latest BMW X5 with solid rails and definitely like what we have seen.

WingBar Edge close up

The racks come as a 2 part kit including the bars and a vehicle specific attachment kit. Because the fitting kits are vehicle specific the Thule engineers ensure that the rack integrates perfectly with the mounting points on your car. A rubber buffer strip provides a cushion between your racks and the load and incorporates wind deflecting groves which contribute to noise reduction.

For the latest prices and to see if this rack fit your vehicle you can look up your car at our web site here.

And here are some hot off the press images of a WingBar Edge that we fitted to an Audi Q5 this morning:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thule Box-Lift 571

The Thule Box Lift 571 is a great product that we use ourselves at home. We use it to stash a great big 3 man kayak up into the roof of the garage. The kit uses a worm gear so that little effort is required to wind our 30kg kayak up and hold it securely in place out of the way. The unit itself is designed to lift to a whopping 100kg although this will obviously depend on how well it is attached to the garage roof and the garage roof material.

It is called a box lift because it was primarily sold for hoisting luggage boxes off the roof of a car but it can be used for hoisting up any up load. Often like us that can be a kayak or a paddle board, ladders and we have even sold a couple to customers that have used them to hoist removable hardtop roofs from their sports cars.

Installation involves mounting four pulley wheels into a strong part of the roof and some mounting brackets to support the horizontal winding rod. It is pretty straight forward and took me about an hour and a half including fixing some extra battens to the ceiling to screw into.

thule box lift demo

Fitting instructions

The price for this kit at the time of writing is $225. Give us a call to purchase or check the current pricing.

Monday, July 1, 2013