Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pad mount roof rack fitting

Rola pad mount roof rack fitting 1
Today we are fitting a Rola pad mount roof rack which is one of the best solutions for a 2 door vehicle where it can be difficult to attach a clamp style removable rack. First up we stick masking tape on the roof in the location of the roof rack feet.

rola pad mount roof rack fitting 2
After assembling the cross bars we can use them to establish a suitable position on the roof. This is determined by deciding on an appropriate spacing for the loads to be carried and determining which are the strongest parts of the roof.

rola pad mount roof rack fitting 3rola pad mount roof rack fitting, position racks
The position of the rack is careful measured to establish position front to back and side to side then drawn around to mark the position of the mounting pads on the masking tape. The position of the drill holes are then marked using a pad as a guide.

rola pad mount fitting, drilling holes
Set up the drill with a suitable stop to prevent drilling through the roof lining. The marked holes are then centre punched and drill to suit the rivets. The holes are then protected with a suitable anti rust paint and coated with mastic sealant

rola pad mount fitting, riveting pads 1 rola pad mount fitting, riveting pads 2 Finally 3 rivets are inserted into the pads and secured in place with a pneumatic rivet gun.

rola pad mount roof racks, finished 2 Rola pad mount roof racks finished 2

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